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Welcome This is a community modeled after stagesoflove. The point of this community is for you to stake a claim of a fandom/pairing/character and one of our prompt sets, and commit to writing four fics in a four week span, posting one fic each week.

◦ You must write either a 100 word drabble or a 500+ word fic each week. Just because you start with one format does not mean you need to continue writing in that format for the entire four week run.

◦ All of your fics must be connected in some way. Whether they are all part of the same series or all happen in a span of time, there must be a connection between them.

◦ Put all fics behind a cut or with a fake cut to your journal, no matter whether it's a drabble or a fic.

◦ This community considers anything related to the newest episode of a TV show to be spoilery until either the next new episode airs in the US or one week has passed from its airing. As such, provide spoiler warnings in your fic.

◦ You may have two claims each round.

When posting to the community, please use the following header:

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